I help small businesses attract more customers online through tried and tested technical and creative improvements.


Hi, my name's Pete. I'm driven to help small businesses improve their visibility online to make you more competitive in an ever growing marketplace

After years of working in big agencies servicing medium to large sized companies, I saw a niche that wasn’t being catered for; the smaller, lower revenue businesses. Where most agencies focus on a high spending faceless companies, I aim to work with smaller independent businesses. I find that these independent businesses are much quicker to react to change, and because of this I am able make a much bigger impact on the business as a whole.

SEO agencies will generally try to push companies into a 6,12 or 24 month working contract. To independent businesses, this can be a little daunting and be a big commitment. That’s why I work on a rolling month-by-month basis. If, by the end of the month you want to pause for a while, that's fine. Just let me know. We can then pick the campaign up where we left off, later on.

I don’t spend money on advertising as I receive all of my business through word of mouth and talking to independent business owners. By not having a fixed office, I am able to be on the road and help businesses at their location. Everyone learns better in their own environment and by coming to visit you to implement changes I can ensure you fully understand what it is we’re doing and why.

I live and breath search marketing and am constantly reading, understanding and implementing the newest techniques to help improve your web sites. It’s by pushing the boundaries that I can help make your website stand out from the pack and ready for the modern day searches.


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All campaigns start with an initial analysis. Without this, we would end up recommending incorrect actions for your site.

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From the initial in-depth analysis I will create an ordered list of actions to help get your site back on track.

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Using keyword research I can find out what your customers actually want and begin tailoring your site for their needs.

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Once we have a solid base of fantastic unique content, we can begin sharing these resources with influential bloggers and social media.

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By analysing you conversion data I can help improve your current process to help increase the number of monthly conversions on your site.

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SEO is a process that is never finished and new techniques are always being created and developed to help improve your online visibility.

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If you’re a new business just starting out and unsure how to get your site off the ground or an existing company trying to extend your reach, we can tailor a campaign to your needs to deliver maximum impact for an affordable cost.

Current Clients

Wild Lime Website

Wild Lime

For Wild Lime, I created a completely new site using WordPress and optimised it for their key search terms. This site is now performing incredibly well and receives thousands of visits each month.

See Their Site
Evolve Psychology Services Website

Evolve Psychology Services

For Evolve Psychology we designed a new site to match their existing branding. The main goal for the new Evolve Psychology Services site was to increase the amount of people filling out the enquiry forms which we have managed to acheive.

See Their Site

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